Do you need glasses with anti blue lenses

Many people have heard that there is a type of glasses lenses that prevent blue light, can prevent myopia, and protect eye vision.

So is it true? Please listen to an ophthalmologist to help you answer:

1. There is currently no direct evidence that blue light can cause myopia.

2. Long term, high dose, and sustained blue light can cause irreversible light damage to the fundus and retina. But the long-term, high-dose, and continuous blue light here is generally almost impossible for us to encounter, and there is no such scene in daily life.

3. Anti blue light lenses can cause lens discoloration, decreased light transmittance, and decreased visual clarity and contrast.

4. For teenagers, it is not recommended to use anti blue light glasses lenses as they may affect eye development.

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Do you need glasses with anti blue lenses

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