Some Purchase suggestions for sunglasses


Some suggestions for sunglasses:


We can choose sunglasses based on our own preferences and different uses to reduce strong light stimulation, prevent glare, maintain clear vision, prevent deformation, prevent UV rays, recognize colors without distortion, and accurately recognize traffic light signals.

From a functional perspective, there are two main categories of sunglasses: "sunshades". When exposed to sunlight, people need to adjust their pupil size to adjust their light flux. When the light intensity exceeds the human eye's ability to adjust, it can cause harm to the human eye. Sunvisors can block sunlight, reducing fatigue caused by excessive regulation of eye tissue, muscles, and nervous system, or damage caused by strong light stimulation; Light colored sunglasses are mainly used to decorate personal image and can also be used when the sunlight is not strong. The depth of the color of the lens should depend on the location of the activity, and the color of the lens will affect the shading effect depending on the lighting and location. To effectively block out strong light, sunglasses should have sufficient depth in lens color, but cyclists or drivers should try not to wear lenses that are too dark in color.


1. The degree of the lens should meet the requirements for flat lenses and there should be no optical changes that affect vision. A simple identification method can be to place sunglasses in front of your eyes, observe distant objects such as window frames or door frames through the lenses, and then move the glasses up, down, back, and forth. The objects should not swing or deform in waves. You can also observe the image of the lamp tube on the surface of the sunglasses lens under a fluorescent lamp. Moving the sunglasses so that the lamp tube image appears in different parts of the lens without deformation is the best option.

2. The color of the lens should ensure that the color of the surrounding environment is not distorted. Before wearing sunglasses, first observe objects of red, green, yellow, and other colors. Then, wear sunglasses and observe the same object. The colors observed twice should not deviate, otherwise it will reduce the ability to recognize traffic signals. Special attention should be paid to sunglasses with red, green, and yellow lenses.polarized sunglasses for men

How to use:

Improper wearing of sunglasses can easily damage glasses, and it is not necessary to wear sunglasses on rainy days and indoors. Some people wear sunglasses regardless of the intensity of sunlight, even at dusk or evening, while watching movies, TV, mobile phones, and computers. This inevitably increases the burden on the eyes, causing eye muscle tension and fatigue, causing vision loss, blurred vision, and in severe cases, dizziness and dizziness. Infants and children (under 14 years old) with incomplete visual system development should not wear sunglasses. Users should also pay regular attention to the surface wear of sunglasses and lenses. When wear affects clarity, it should be replaced in a timely manner.

Some Purchase suggestions for sunglasses

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