So how to choose a good pair of sunglasses


Sunglasses are common daily necessities for us, so how to choose a good pair of sunglasses? Let's take a look at the following key points and suggestions for choosing sunglasses:


1. UV protection: Sunglasses are mainly used to protect the eyes from strong light stimulation, especially UV damage. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, it is necessary to ensure that they have good UV protection function and can block over 99% of UV radiation, UV400. You can check the product description on the sunglasses to confirm that they have sufficient UV protection.

2. Lenses: The quality of lenses has a significant impact on the visual experience of sunglasses. High quality lenses have high-quality optical performance, such as high clarity, no distortion, and no dispersion. In addition, high-quality lenses also have characteristics such as scratch resistance, impact resistance, and easy cleaning, which can better protect the eyes during daily use.

3. Frame style and frame material: The style and material of sunglasses also need to be considered when purchasing them. The frame style should match the individual's face shape, size, aesthetics, and should be comfortable to wear, stable, and not easy to slip. For materials, the frames of sunglasses are made of metal, acetate, plastic, wood, etc. The high-quality material is acetate, which has strong and wear-resistant properties, good hand feel, and is not easy to break. The metal is also good, usually made of stainless steel, and a few are made of titanium alloy, but it is relatively expensive. You can choose the appropriate material based on your personal preferences, budget, and usage environment.polarized sunglasses for men

4. Lens color: Different colored lenses have different absorption and filtering effects on light, therefore, the color of the lens also needs to be considered when choosing sunglasses. The best natural colors are black, gray, green, brown, deep blue, and other dark colored lenses, which balance the restoration of the color of the object being viewed and the adjustment of contrast, making them suitable for daily outdoor activities. Yellow, orange, pink and other colored lenses can enhance contrast, making them suitable for use in foggy or rainy weather. Different colored lenses can also be selected based on personal aesthetic and usage needs.

5. Price: The frame made of acetate material is naturally more expensive than plastic or ordinary metal materials due to its high-quality performance. Some high-quality metals and wood are also relatively expensive, with the cheapest being plastic frames.

6. Size appropriate: The size of sunglasses should be suitable for one's face shape and head circumference, with a focus on indicators such as leg length, lens width, and nose bridge width. It should not be too large or too small, with an error of no more than 2-5mm to ensure comfortable and stable wearing. In addition, sunglasses need to cover the area around the eyes to provide comprehensive UV protection.

7. Special functions and styles: In addition to the above factors, certain functions and styles of sunglasses can also be considered. For example, a few electronic sunglasses are equipped with special functions such as video recording, recording, and taking photos, which can be selected according to personal usage needs. In addition, the style of sunglasses can be selected based on personal clothing combinations, jewelry wearing style, and other factors, allowing sunglasses to add points to your image.

Now we roughly understand that when purchasing sunglasses, we need to consider factors such as UV protection (UV400), lens quality, frame style and frame material, lens color, price, size, function, and style, and choose sunglasses that meet our needs and hobbies to enhance our personal image.

So how to choose a good pair of sunglasses

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