What color’s to buy sunglasses lenses for

What color's to buy sunglasses lenses for?

We all know that when going outdoors, especially when the sunlight is strong, we need to wear sunglasses when going outside.

So what color of sunglasses to buy?

1. Purchase sunglasses with UV 400 protection function clearly stated in the description, 

or consult customer service if they have this function.

If the product description does not indicate the UV protection function, 

you should choose more colors such as gray, brown, light coffee, or light blue.

3. Glasses that are too dark, such as black, dark blue, deep coffee, etc., if they do not 

have UV protection function, will cause the pupils of the eyes to enlarge, resulting in more Ultraviolet rays

 entering the eyes are actually detrimental to eye health.

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What color’s to buy sunglasses lenses for

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