What means of the size information on optical frames

What is the size information on optical frames?

When choosing an optical frame, it is crucial to understand the size information on the frame, as these dimensions not only affect the comfort of the glasses, but also directly affect the visual effect.

1、 Frame width

The width of the frame determines the optical center position of the lens and is crucial for visual correction. The common annotation method is to directly indicate the specific value of the frame width, such as "53 □ 17-140", where "53" represents the frame width of 53mm.

2、 Nasal bridge width

The width of the bridge of the nose refers to the width of the bridge of the mirror frame, also measured in millimeters. The width of the nose bridge should be selected based on the wearer's nose bridge width, as being too wide or too narrow can cause discomfort during wearing. Some frames may indicate two nose bridge width dimensions, such as "20 1/2", indicating that the width of the left and right nose bridges is 20mm and 20.5mm respectively.

3、 Mirror leg length

When choosing the length of the legs of an optical frame, consideration should be given to the wearer's head shape, ear position, and personal preferences. The appropriate length of the lens legs can ensure that the glasses are securely worn on the face, improving comfort. For example, "140" represents a mirror leg length of 140mm.

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4、 Mirror frame material and weight

Mirror frames of eyeglasses made of different materials which have different weights and comfort levels, with metal frames being heavier and plastic frames being lighter. In addition, understanding the material of the frame can help us determine the durability and anti allergic performance of the optical frame.

5、 Lens size and refractive index

Lens size and refractive index are key parameters that determine the visual effect of glasses. Lens size includes diameter and edge thickness, while diopter reflects the corrective ability of the glasses.

When fitting glasses, the size information of these optical frames is particularly important!

What means of the size information on optical frames

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