Why do people always feel that the light is very dim when wearing sunglasses

Some people may feel that the light becomes very dim after wearing sunglasses, why is this phenomenon?

1. Lens color too dark

Some people choose very dark colored sunglasses to better block sunlight, but this can easily lead to visual discomfort. Therefore, the color of the lens should be considered appropriately, which should be able to block sunlight while not being too deep and affecting the line of sight.

2. The influence of polarizing lenses

Polarizing sunglass lenses are a special type of sunglasses that can reduce reflected light and glare, and improve visual clarity. However, the design principle of polarizing lenses is to allow light to pass through a specific angle range, which may cause light from other angles to be blocked, making the wearer feel that the light is dimmer. This situation is usually more pronounced in strong light conditions, as strong light can make the polarization effect more pronounced.


3. Poor quality of lenses

Some low-quality or inferior sunglasses may have low light transmittance, causing the wearer to feel that the light is dim. The quality and material of the lens have a significant impact on the transmittance of light. If there are impurities, bubbles, or uneven coatings inside or on the surface of the lens, it will reduce the transmittance of light. Therefore, when purchasing sunglasses, it is important to choose a reliable brand and model to ensure the transparency and visual effect of the lenses.

Different people have different sensitivities and adaptability to light, and some may be more sensitive to the light passing through sunglasses, feeling that the degree of dimming is more pronounced. In addition, people who wear sunglasses for the first time may need some time to adapt to the changes in light caused by the lenses, and after getting used to it, discomfort will gradually decrease.


In order to achieve a better visual experience and protective effect, it is recommended to consider the lens color appropriately when choosing sunglasses, choose reliable brands and models, and give yourself some adaptation time. If you experience persistent discomfort, don't wear it anymore.

Why do people always feel that the light is very dim when wearing sunglasses

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