What colors sunglasses is good for rainy day

What colors sunglasses is good for rainy day?

On rainy days, the light is generally weak and the view is not good. Rainwater droplets on the windshield can easily form rain mist and a layer of transparent medium.

So a pair of brown polarized sunglasses is a great choice.

Rainwater is a transparent medium that scatters light into the surrounding area, creating a dazzling effect that reduces the brightness and contrast of things people see,

This can lead to blurred vision, unclear vision, deformation, and displacement.

Tea colored polarized sunglasses can block scattered light in the light, eliminate glare, and significantly reduce the reflected light in the viewing environment.

High quality polarized sunglasses can make the field of view clearer, significantly improving contrast and clarity.

It is worth noting that sunglasses that are too dark or too light, such as black, dark green, dark brown, bright yellow, pink, light blue, light green, etc., are not suitable for drivers to wear on rainy days.

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What colors sunglasses is good for rainy day

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