How to select material of sunglasses frames

How to select material of sunglasses frames?

1. Lightness

2. Smoothness

3. Hardness

4. Flexibility

5. Rust and mold prevention

6. Corrosion resistance

7. Allergy prevention

Let's explain in detail for the above 7 points:

Firstly, lightness: Even if wearing sunglasses for a long time, the lightweight frame will not cause ear frame pain, and the nose area will not be compressed too much, making it more comfortable for us to wear.

Secondly, a smooth sunglasses frame has a good hand feel. Wearing sunglasses on the ear will cause frequent friction, and a smooth frame will not cause skin redness, swelling, stinging, or even tearing.

So why do we need a certain level of hardness? It is to prevent the deformation of the frame and the deviation of the viewpoint, which may cause blurry and distorted viewing.

Mirror frame materials with good flexibility are not easy to break, for example, sunglasses that accidentally fall and are hit will not deform or break.

Good sunglasses frame material, long-term contact with skin sweat, not easy to rust, will not grow mold points, and will not be corroded by salt, organic matter, etc. in sweat.

Some people have sensitive skin and may develop allergies to plastic frames when worn for a long time. Good frame materials such as Acetate will not cause skin allergies.

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How to select material of sunglasses frames

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