Functions for sunglass colors

Functions for sunglass colors:

When choosing sunglasses, we will see many different colors of products, such as black, brown, coffee, gray, green, red, and so on.

Do you know that different colors of sunglasses actually have different functions? Let's take a look together:

First, let's introduce the brown color scheme. Tea color, including coffee color, can filter out a large amount of blue light and improve the viewing experience due to the principle of spectroscopy

Contrast, making the field of view clearer. The brown color scheme reduces strong light stimulation while minimizing object distortion.

It can reduce the halo of blue light, make objects clearer, and also prevent glare.

Tea colored sunglasses can filter out smooth and glossy reflective light sources, such as the strong light from the oncoming car's headlights, the sunlight from the driver's front, the glass of someone else's car, the shiny body of the car, and the surroundings

The sunlight reflected by the glass curtain walls of buildings.

So if you want to buy driving sunglasses, choosing brown or brown is a good choice.

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Functions for sunglass colors

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