How did sunglasses become popular

How did sunglasses become popular?

In 1920, a unique cultural phenomenon became popular in the United States: the flapper style. 

At that time, many women cut off their long hair, kept fashionable short hair, and paired it with short skirts. 

This style quickly became popular throughout the United States.

Due to the popularity of short hair, the demand for combs has greatly decreased. 

At that time, Sam Foster, the owner of a comb business, was also struggling to find a way out. 

Once, he accidentally discovered that the injection molding technology and materials used to make combs could also be used to make sunglasses.

So he immediately began researching and quickly made progress. In 1929, a type of sunglasses made of celluloid material was first launched on a large scale and received widespread praise. 

Due to the low price of celluloid, sunglasses quickly became popular.

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How did sunglasses become popular

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